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" THE BIRTHPLACE OF BUNG HATTA " The birthplace of Bung Hatta is located at Jalan Soekarno-Hatta No. 37. This is the house where Bung Hatta was born and spent his childhood until he was 11 years old. This house was built in 1860s dan used wooden structure. It consisted of a main building, pavillion, rice barn, kitchen, horse stable, and a fish pond. The main building was used to receive guests, family dining room, dan rooms of Bung Hatta’s mother, uncle, and grandfather, while the pavillion was Bung Hatta’s bedroom. The original house was disintegrated in the 1960-an, but on the initiative of the Head of Bung Hatta Education Foundation, the house was rebuilt as an effort to remember and get a description of Bung Hatta childhood days in Bukittinggi.



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